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Fanatical (formerly Bundle Stars) is a United Kingdom-based online video game retailer. It has sold more than 62 million officially authorized game keys to over one million customers globally. Fanatical has a catalog of over 5,950 games from more than 900 game publishers and developers. These include direct partnerships with Bethesda Softworks, SEGA, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver, Kalypso Media, and Codemasters as well as smaller independent developers.

A gamer under the name of ¨akhsavi¨ was explicit on his thoughts about in STEAM (Videogames BLOG): "Fanatical, I hope you will be sued for your so-called Mystery bundles. This Martian Mystery Bundle will give gamers the chance to own 3 Steam games (6 Steam games) - ranging from high flying AAAs and awesome indies - but, as the name suggests, you won't know what they are until you buy the bundle."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"It fell apart. The assets of tenured employees were liabilities to any future sale. Hundreds of us were let go, pushed out the door, when the company and the customers needed us most. Gone were the days of "Fanatical Support", the legends of 16 hour conference calls involving ordering pizzas for the struggling client. Today is quantitative, not qualitative that counts. The NPS scores show this to be true. In our prime, if we dipped below an NPS of 50, it would be "all hands on deck". Today, they would dream of achieving that standard of service."

Former Employee - Linux Administrator says

"All-White senior leadership team, only one female on senior leadership team, no Hispanics even thought their headquarters is located in Bexar County, Texas, which is 60% Hispanic. Just check their website Senior Leadership Team page for proof of this assertion. Very few Black employees work there and females are rare in technical positions. The females that do get promoted are White. Company is now ultra-management heavy so they like to micro-manage. This means they prefer hiring people who mindlessly follow orders instead of independent thinkers that could fix things. All the managers do is attend meetings and come up with stupid rules that get in the way of those doing the actual work. The hardest workers are abused then run out of the company while lazier employees that spend the majority of their time taking smoke breaks get promoted. Not enough foot soldiers on the support teams so customer support is suffering. Before there was extra staffing so there were times you came in and spent your entire shift working but you were allowed to play video games during slow periods. Now due to chronic under-staffing there are no slow periods so many employees on the support teams get burned out. It is hard to use your PTO because of that same under-staffing then they complain because you are not using your PTO. They say transparency is a company value, but when you try to give your input they say you are "whining" or "making excuses" and you are ignored. The best way to succeed there is to put your blinders on and keep your mouth closed. Pay is terrible compared to the IT industry both nationally and in Texas. The benefits are also not very good, for example if you go to school you only get $400 for the ENTIRE YEAR for education. They are majorly confused as to what their exact role is in the IT marketplace. They say they are competing with Google and Amazon but those companies are multi-faceted businesses while Rackspace is a one-trick pony. They are neglecting the core parts of their business trying to come up with a reason for their existence. These are the biggest reasons the stock price has dropped $20 in the last two months."

Former Employee - Senior QA Engineer says

"Well, ends up the vision from the top did not make it down to the rats on the floor. No one ever looked at my strengths and the disfunction between groups was huge. They said they practiced Agile but that only meant they had a 15 minute stand-up everyday and then blame was assigned to protect the guilty. I took a $10,000 a year pay cut because I liked the vision Rackspace projected for itself. I left in six months when I realized it was a facade. One thing that struck me as interesting is their mantra "fanatical support." I think they really do have that and they built a huge support team and trained them to be fanatical. But, it seems to me that if you need to focus so much on support you have a bigger problem ... your product."

Current Employee - Long Time Racker says

"Rackspace has unfortunately become a twisted joke of what it once was. 'Fanatical Support' is long dead, apathy runs rampant, and front line rackers are always covering their backsides and the business is full of sycophantic ladder climbers and really good liars and back stabbers. You will not be paid what your worth unless you are a new VP, we don't need. Then you'll get a handsome stock plan and awesome salary. The worst part is the 'show.' By this I mean Rackspace does a lot of good in the community. Unfortunately Rackspace HR works like the Gestapo of nazi germany. They threaten and intimidate. They treat veterans coming home and trying to work in civilian life like worthless employees to be threatened should PTSD bother that "Racker." Rackspace will spend money if they get to show you how much they support the troops. If any of their employees actually need help, there is no money!"

Current Employee - DCOPS Technician Level II says

"It sucks. If you like backstabbing, brown-nosing, and favoritism, this is the place for you, it is the company motto. If you are disabled, don't even bother, everyone I worked with who was disabled, ended up out of a job. Worst place I have ever worked!"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Hi - we're sorry to hear of your experience. We have passed this feedback along internally and the team will be digging in further."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Ignore the fake “positive” reviews that have been plastered here to draw attention away from the reality of this working environment. Previous reviews mention words like "Bullying", "Cronyism", “Politics” and "Micromanagement" and they reveal the truth of working here. This is the worst "sales" culture I've ever experienced. It’s full of incompetent and inexperienced sales managers tasked with micromanagement and nothing else. They spend most of their days booking internal meetings to review other meetings with no outcomes, to be seen to be busy by other managers... It's ridiculous! The sales department is a revolving door of frustrated talent leaving and newer inexperienced people joining; cronyism and favoritism mean even if you work hard this won't go noticed unless you're "in" with certain people. The bullying culture comes right from the top and funnels its way down to the reps, meaning it's very easy to go from hero to zero in the space of a month. The only people that are truly successful at Rackspace are the ones that are catered for and brown-nose. It's not possible to be successful any other way here as the place is rife with office politics and fake assurances. Countless salespeople have left the business to go on to better things because they weren't supported or valued at Rackspace, or they got tired of working for a moron. It's a shame as Rackspace WAS known as the company to go to for fanatical support and customer experience, but you won't find that here any longer and both employees and customers alike have figured this out. How can you expect to deliver a superior customer experience when you can't deliver a positive working environment to begin with? If you're serious about your sales career, don't waste your time here."

Former Employee - Senior Technical Employee says

"The worst senior management I have ever seen running a company in the UK. They aren't qualified, they lack the technical knowledge and the people skills required to manage people. Some of management roles are pointless in some cases. There are so many Customer Care Managers when they actually don't really do any customer care management you probably need about 3 for the whole of the Enterprise department. There are a lot of fake reviews here and you can blatantly tell which ones they are so lets look at things realistically: This is not a start up the company is 17 years old approximately. Using the "we are a billion dollar start up" line rubbish to justify the lack of maturity at all levels in the organisation is just non-sense. Senior management in the UK and US have failed to make sure the company has adequate processes in place which grow with the organisation and that is why it is a mess internally. Having technically inept senior managers in technical roles has hurt this company particularly in the UK as they really do not have clue about what the actual "real cloud" market is about and instead have the account teams and technical staff doing mandatory courses which serve little to no relevance in their roles. I was a senior technical employee but I would not advise people to come to Rackspace unless you are going in to a very senior management role as you will be knee capped in terms of progression. This is due to the pathetic leveling processes that is peer reviewed which means for you to get what Rackspace call a promotion which really isn't ( you do the same job and get a pay rise which they can't even tell you the value of) you have to persuade other people who do you job role to give you a pay rise. The effort involved isn't worth it. Having moved out of Rackspace in to the real world I can say the grass is greener due to other companies not living in a "Fanatical Support" bubble. Rackspace will not survive as it has no real technology and can't compete. I honestly believe the company will be acquired when the share price hits approximately 18 to 20 dollars."

Current Employee - Data Center Technician says

"Fanatical support has been replaced by outsourced technically inept nobodies. Cost savings at all costs. Flash over substance. Look good over being good. Bluntly, we've been taken over by ruthless people on the other side of the planet. Their only goal is to make money by cashing in Rackspace's previously good name. Check out the fancy buzzword bingo happening in the recent positive reviews. Real people talk like that. Seriously. Stop laughing."

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